Parma inattesa

Venice, Italy


Project at IUAV

Arch. Renato Rizzi

If we were to group the images of the project into a single word, the most pertinent, by analogy, would have to be “interiority”. But this concept in its vagueness certainly does nothing to help our understanding. If referring to “our” persona, its meaning already seems familiar to us. No one can deny our interiority. Even if the impact of the word on our mind very often has an indefinable effect. It rapidly fades away into the haziness of sentiments or thoughts. Just imagine if someone asked us to explain what the interiority of the city, the landscape, the suburbs, the buildings is. How could we reply?

The question is not born out of will or any kind of rationality, but from necessity. A sentiment does not depend on a choice. We are struck by some uneasiness, a profound affliction that we live with day after day. We are the wound between what we see outside us and what we feel inside us.