Turkmenistan Pavilion Culture EXPO Milan

London, UK


Co-worker at WHAT_architecture studio

This WHAT_architecture proposal is based on the nomadic quality of Turkmen food culture. This means the Pavilion literally changes and moves and carries within it all the key aspects of Turkmen traditions: the carpet, the yurt, the food and, most impressively, the Akhal-Teke horse. The pavilion is a simple cube divided vertically into 3 halls. The pavilion is open when the middle hall, that of the horses, has changed position. This rotational movement also gives the Turkmen Pavilion its Rub El Hizb 8-pointed star plan form. On the ground floor is the Hall of the Carpet featuring an exhibition of lenticular / holographic photography that expresses local culinary culture in Turkmenistan. The first floor has the Hall of the Horses where guests can observe the Akhal-Teke roaming freely. On the second floor, the Hall of the Yurts, is a cooking-dining area. Hereguests sit in colourful traditional yurts and enjoy Turkmen cuisine preserved from global trends and foreign influence. The nomadic past means that the food is made by ingredients which are simple to prepare. On the third floor, is a mezzanine filled with water and fishes.