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Architecture for Exhibition

Project for Ferrari museum Abu Dhabi

Team: Gonzalo Bascuñan | Laura Catra |Nada Asadullah

The purpose of the exhibition is to show Ferrari from a perspective that has not been shown in the previous exhibition. After the works celebrating the 70th anniversary of the Scuderia (which were, clearly, focused in the story and the heritage of the brand), it seemed interesting to show the Ferrari world from a point of view entirely inspired by the future. The idea of the future defines the theme of the exhibition, which mainly turns around the concept of sustainability through innovation (both from an environmental and a social point of view), continuing in the path traced by the people that have made Ferrari the best supercar constructor in the world, first of all the founder Enzo Ferrari. The storytelling of the exhibition is built around the themes of innovation, sustainability and nature. Those concepts are inspiring the future of Ferrari and are also changing the way the people conceive luxury; therefore, every space of the exhibition is inspired by these concepts.