Italian Beauty

“Italian Beauty ” Book


Josep Ferrando

Laura Catra | Gianluca Bernardi | Alessandra Peracin


WAVE 2018 | University Iuav of Venice

The aim of our project is to revitalize the undervalued territory both from a commercial-productive and a touristic point of view. It is essential for the territory to reactivate the railway line that connects the entire area that goes from Campobasso to Termoli. The answer to the themes of the W.A.Ve. is therefore the use of an underutilized space, like the atrium of a railway station, to carry out active participation activities, just like the construction of an installation realized through the work of 70 students. We think that W.A.Ve. is an opportunity for students to experience architecture as a multidisciplinary approach, distinct from a common design course. From the very first day we have committed the students to live those weeks as a unique experience, and to understand what it means to be part of a team to realize a project that is gradually created with the composition piece by piece. Each group was indispensable in the realization of the project being closely coordinated with the others. A continuous change of scale well represents the inter-scale approach of the workshop, from the territorial scale to the detail of manual labor. Another important aspect for us was letting the students experiment with different types of materials, allowing them to look for the best solution in representing the theme assigned to them. Where were we during the Workshop? In Molise building a Machine, a GOLD(berg) MACHINE!