YAP_CONSTRUCTO 9 | Santiago, Chile

SKENÉ. Un lugar para ver y ser visto 

A place to see and be seen


Project by: Architect Rodrigo Santa Maria

Images: Belén Salvatierra e Sebastián Garín

Video: Laura Catra



Jury: Martino Stierli, chief curator of architecture and design at MoMA

Pippo Ciorra, Senior curador MAXXI

Smiljan Radic, Architect

Jeannette Plaut, Marcelo Sarovic, Directors Constructo



Un niño corre y atraviesa una y otra vez la cortina de hilos. Su padre aún no se anima a entrar. Desde el cielo cuelgan columpios. Una mujer mayor baila arengada por un grupo de colegas vestidas con uniformes, mientras dos niñas hacen piruetas en el centro: una hace el flip flap y la otra la rueda. Una mujer extranjera camina por el perímetro del óvalo con una cámara fotográfica en las manos. Se detiene y observa a un grupo de adolescentes que se burlan. Tres hombres bien vestidos, planean algo en torno a una mesa. Susurran. La luz ha comenzado a bajar, un velo envuelve el ambiente. Algo va a ocurrir. O algo ya ocurrió. SKENÉ (palabra de origen griego que se refiere a escenario) es un espacio formado por un óvalo dentro de otro óvalo separados por un recorrido perimetral (foyer).


Each oval is closed by curtains of 4.50 meters high tripolina threads: a double envelope that acts as a veil and screen to the project according to the luminosity and the moments of the day, allowing a multiplicity of acts. In turn, crossing and touching these curtains of the thread is a great urban game. In this scenario, different actions occur every day. None knows when people are protagonists or the observers. The situations can vary: from an element in height, which we call “beam beam”, one day a table hangs; another day swings, or the technique is installed for a show. Everything that should be hidden here is shown. SKENÉ is the support to play, to give a recital, a play, to give a movie, to mount audio-visual samples, to talk, to dance, to run, to do gymnastics, to jump or to act. It is a space that houses the possibility of fiction. Then, SKENÉ denounces the lack of scenarios in public spaces; the lack of artistic and cultural development for everyday use in Chile, not as a show, nor a show we attend with expectations, but as a space we go and see and be seen without more spectacle than belonging and having a role in our society. “I want a scenario that is an empty space where there is a collective choreography, barefoot musicians who act, and a simplification of elements, without any cable or monitor or microphone or a fixed resource that binds them. A space that generates spontaneity and especially freedom of movement.” David Byrne on the stage design of American Utopia, his last tour 2018


Images:© Belén Salvatierra e Sebastián Garín




MOMA:Young Architects Program,


Universidad Finis Terrae


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